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Ripon College, Department of Economics and Business Management, WI, USA.
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track)
August 2022-Current


Currently teaching the below courses:

Introduction to Management (BSA 110) (4 Credit Hours): This course provides practical information about solutions to managerial problems

through research findings, theory, and current successful practices. Detailed analysis of basic managerial functions,

including planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling, is made. Emphasis is placed on the technical, interpersonal, conceptual,

diagnostic, and political managerial skills needed to succeed as a manager in a

domestic or global business.


Strategic Management (BSA 315) (4 Credit Hours): This course offers students the fundamentals of how business organizations are managed,

focusing on the role of business strategy. This course will familiarize you with the concepts and tools that will help you to develop

an understanding of how strategies are formulated and managed and how competitive advantage may be created and sustained.

The course takes a general management outlook, viewing the firm as a whole and examining how strategies in each functional area cohere

into an overall competitive strategy. The key strategic business decisions of concern in this course involve selecting competitive strategies,

creating and defending competitive advantages, defining firm boundaries, and allocating critical resources over long periods.

Decisions such as these can only be made effectively by viewing a firm holistically and over the long term.

Through applying strategic management theory to real business cases, you will learn how to think like a strategic manager.

Sport Marketing (BSA/EXS 300) (4 Credit Hours): Sport Marketing is an introductory marketing course for undergraduate students at Ripon College.

As such, it is designed to provide students with a broad and contemporary overview of the sport marketing field.

This course will compare and contrast the field of sport and entertainment marketing with the practices and applications of mainstream marketing.

Coursework will include a historical overview of sport marketing and will examine the application of marketing principles to collegiate and

professional sport organizations, special events, facilities, commercial and public organizations, sponsors and corporations, sporting goods

manufacturers, and the sport enterprise in general. 

Texas A&M University, ADVANCE, Dean of Faculties, College Station, USA.

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Aug 2021-June 2o22

I was conducting research on programs and projects specific to ADVANCE. Further, my job is to evaluate and develop

the effectiveness of STRIDE (strategies and tactics for recruiting to improve diversity and excellence) faculty search committee training workshops.

In addition, I investigated issues that affect faculty retention. Lastly, I am working on the NSF 2 million USD grant about understanding

fairness regarding universities' tenure and promotion process.


Texas A&M University, Department of Health and Kinesiology 

Instructor (Online curriculum)
Aug 2018-May 2021
Instructor-SPMT 319, Sociology of Sports (Fall, 2018; Spring, 2019; Summer, 2019; Fall, 2019; Spring, 2020 Summer, 2020; Fall, 2020)
Sociology of Sports is a course that investigates social and ethical issues related to sport participation and the sport industry.

Face to Face Class
Instructor-HLTH 285, HLKN Leads (Fall, 2020)
HLKN L.E.A.D.S. is a program designed to assist first year freshmen and transfer students in the Health & Kinesiology Department at TAMU.

Graduate Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistant SPMT 481, Social Psychology of Sport (Fall, 2018; Spring, 2019; Summer, 2019; Fall, 2019; Spring, 2020 Summer, 2020; Fall, 2020)

Social Psychology of Sport is a course that has an emphasis on relationships in sport, group dynamics, motivation, social processes, and the athlete in the wider sport environment.

American Refugee Committee- now Alight (INGO, Islamabad, Pakistan)
Communication & Liaison Officer
April 2018-Aug 2018
My primary responsibility was to document the progress and learnings of the 'Million Kids to School' project among various audiences (e.g., donors, CSOs, partner
organizations, and beneficiaries). Further, I was responsible for working with the program team and partner organizations to develop and implement communications
strategies. I also use to make frequent field travel across Pakistan to support field offices to develop communication material and build their capacity.

National University of Science and Technology (NUST University, Islamabad)
Executive Compliance and Reporting Officer
Oct 2016- July 2017
In this position, I was responsible for the management and maintenance of the data related to donations. I was also acting as the primary contact for all donations related
issues. In addition, I used to manage all donations processing, receipting, acknowledgment, and pledge management activity received on average per year.
Finally, one of the core responsibilities was to work as a grant writer for minor gift projects. 


Pakistan Sweet Homes (Orphanage, Islamabad, Pakistan)
Senior Public Relation Officer
Dec 2013-Aug 2016
I was responsible for developing and executing Pakistan Sweet Home's media strategy across all media (i.e., press, broadcast, and publications). Also, my core task was to
raise the Pakistan Sweet Homes profile and market activities (e.g., fundraising). 

US Ambassador Youth Council (US state department funded program, Islamabad)
Ex-Member, Ex-President
Aug 2013-Mar 2015
This was a volunteer-based project in which my major responsibility was strengthening the relationship between Pakistani Youth and US embassy in Islamabad. I worked in the
role of youth advisor to the US ambassador in Pakistan. 


AIESEC International (Student Community Organization, Sri Lanka)
Feb 2013- March 2013
I was responsible for developing and presenting six communication training sessions at the University of Sri Jayawardanapura, Colombo, Sri Lanka. In addition, I 
delivered six leadership training sessions in various schools to children from the age of 14-17.

Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (Islamabad, Pakistan)
June 2012-Aug 2012
This was eight weeks internship at the finance budgetary control department


Pearl Continental Hotel (Bhurban, Pakistan)

June 2011-July 2011
This was six weeks internship at the Human Resources Department

Work Experiences

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